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1. Tsunami

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TSUNAMI, pronounced soo-nah-mee, comes from the Japanese word that means "harbour wave," generated by undersea earthquake, undersea landslide or volcanic eruption.

The Philippines is surrounded by several trenches (Manila, Negros, Sulu and Cotabato trenches on the west and Philippine trench on the east) that frequently move, increasing the possibility of earthquakes and this causes vertical displacement of the sea floor, thus a tsunami builds up. The most dangerous tsunamis are those triggered by earthquakes with a magnitude of at least 7.0. An indication that a quake is of such intensity is when one finds difficulty to stand up if the tremor is felt on shore.

A quake on Negros Trench can send tsunamis into Antique, southern Iloilo and southern Negros and can flood the beaches of Palawan.

Southern Negros from Binalbagan down is beyond the protection of Guimaras Island. Bacolod City is within the safe area, the island of Guimaras is its big protector. Therefore, Talisay City-home of Pacific Shores, is safe from a harbour wave.

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