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Arch. Silverio Ureta - Resort Planner and Designer of Open Spaces.

Arch. Antonio Puey - Consultant and Conceptual Designer.

Engr. Edward Gasambelo - Underground Electrical and Plumbing Consultant.

Engr. Alberto J. Azarcon, Jr. - Sanitary and Sewage Consultant.

V.T. Guerrero Surveying - Geodetic and Surveying Services.

Milagros Kilayko - Sweet Greens - Landscaper.

Kuntel - contractor.

Landowner: Lourmil Realty Development Corporation.

The beach property is a 10-Hectare parcel of land which is part of the Ancestral Properties of the Fernando Hernaez Ereñeta family in Barangay Bubog, Talisay City, Negros Occidental, known as Hacienda Bubog. This prime real estate property has been with the Ereñetas for 5 generations.

Developer: LS Pacific Development Corporation

LS Pacific Dev. Corp. of the Lizares - Servando family, a sister company of Daalco Development Corporation, owner and developer of Palmas del Mar Village/Conference Resort Hotel in Bacolod City.

As a corporation, LS Pacific is an innovative company , engaged in waterfront or resort style property development and sales. As a company, LS Pacific creates exhilarating communities and provides property investment opportunities to its buyers.




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